Hi, Welcome to Tukang Ngider!

What is Tukang Ngider?

Tukang Ngider is a Lifestyle journal of Food and Travel Blog which based on Bandung, Indonesia. Tukang Ngider means a guy who love walking around doing his enthusiast. This blog will show you a review all about food, interesting places and anything else.

Who is Tukang Ngider?

Tukang Ngider owned by Canisius Andrew, a guy with a huge of Culinary Enthusiast, Traveling Addict and Mobile Photographer. All his documentation is taken by his mobile phone. Nope, now I have my own camera for better service who visit and read my blog.

This blog will write in Bahasa Indonesia. Hopefully, I can make this blog with full English (if I can make my English more pretty well).

Enjoy this blog and keep walking around!

Tukang Ngider
Ngider terus, terus ngider.
Kuy, der!

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